Rules for Smoking & Vaping on an Alaskan Cruise

It seems that smokers are getting it from all angles. Between cigarette taxes that continually rise to strict anti-smoking laws, there is little good news for those who want to light up.

We have to say that it’s the same bad news when it comes to smoking on a cruise ship. Yes, smoking is allowed, but only in certain designated areas and never in a stateroom (not only can smoke make the small rooms smell, but there is also a fire danger). Smoking is also rarely allowed in interior public spaces of the ship.

To make things easy, we’ve hunted down the smoking policies of each cruise line that sails from Seattle to give you a better sense of the rules.

One thing to keep in mind is that vaping usually has the exact same rules that apply to smoking. Even though you aren’t actually producing smoke, the cruise lines don’t want people to complain that think you are smoking. It simply makes things easier to have one set of rules.


Staterooms and suites on Carnival’s ships are entirely smoke-free — including the balcony. Anyone caught smoking in their room will be assessed a $250 cleaning fee to their onboard account.

Smoking is allowed in the ship’s casino (except for designated smoke-free zones) and the casino bar. It is also allowed within the ship nightclub, and on designated open areas on the outside decks of each ship.


As with other cruise lines, no smoking is allowed within staterooms or balconies. It is also prohibited in other areas of the ship like the casino and bars. Instead, you can only smoke on designated outdoor areas.

Anyone caught smoking in their room will be assessed a $250 cleaning fee.

Holland America

Holland America restricts smoking within staterooms, but you can light up on the balcony. Smoking is also allowed in the casino, Seaview Bar, and outside decks. As like other lines, if caught smoking in your cabin, you are going to be hit with a $250 cleaning fee.


Norwegian Cruise Lines does not allow smoking in staterooms or on balconies ($250 cleaning fee if caught). It is allowed in the Cigar Bar, casino, and outdoor decks designated as smoking areas.


Oceania has as strict a policy as you can have, without totally banning smoking. It is allowed nowhere except for two designated areas — not even the casino. They also threaten to take you off the ship if caught smoking:

Designated Smoking Areas are available on the forward, starboard corner of the Pool Deck and in the aft, port corner of Horizons. These areas are comfortably furnished and conveniently located near food and beverage areas. Smoking is expressly forbidden in all staterooms and suites, on verandas, or in any areas of the ship other than officially Designated Smoking Areas. Smoking in a stateroom or suite or on a veranda represents a serious fire and safety hazard to all guests and staff. Guests choosing to disregard this policy will be disembarked at the next port of call and may also be subject to additional fees that will be imposed to cover the costs associated with any damage to and the required cleaning of furnishings, verandas and surrounding deck and accommodations.


Princess has the familiar rules for smoking both regular and electronic cigarettes — no smoking in your room or balcony. Designated areas are provided in the ship. Casinos sometimes allow smoking, as there will be one night a cruise where no smoking is allowed and no smoking is allowed at table games.

Royal Caribbean

Smoking on Royal Caribbean is prohibited in your room and balcony. Guests will be charged a $250 cleaning fee if caught smoking in their room. Lighting up is permitted in in designated outdoor areas where it is clearly marked. Apart from the casino, all public areas are smoke-free. E-cigarettes and vaping have the same rules as traditional smoking.

What Happens if I am Caught Smoking on a Cruise?

As you can see, the cruise lines are pretty stringent on their smoking rules. According to their written policies, each cruise line has a $250 cleaning fee that will be automatically assessed to your onboard account if caught smoking. If you are found smoking in a public area where it is not allowed, expect to be given a warning by the crew. Smoking is a serious safety issue on a ship and with so many other passengers in close proximity, it also affects the enjoyment of other guests.

Oceania has a much more serious tone, warning that they will disembark the passenger if found smoking. We think that would be highly unusual without a warning first, but don’t recommend you risk it!